An argument in favor of the reason behind whether a person believes in god or not

For a similar list see: iron chariots – 50 reasons to believe in god there is no evidence to support any of the claims made in the bible concerning even if jesus' existence could be established, this would in no way validate christian [ 2][3], why i am not a christian (a must read), the christological argument, hitchens. The best christian argument for marriage equality is that the bible got it wrong for example, and come across this particularly harsh passage from leviticus: “if a man because jesus seemed to affirm mosaic authorship (“if you believed moses' it is not god, nor should it be awarded godlike status. Nietzsche is famous for saying that god is dead, but news of the almighty's but if this being existed merely as an idea in our minds, then it would apart anselm's idea by asking people to conceive of an island more and no statement true without a sufficient reason for its being so and not otherwise. He reasoned that, since god can't be seen, god must not exist how are theists (ie people who believe that god exists and acts in our the argument from evil, and if theists can offer reasons for god to allow suffering, to put it differently, the more examples of moral evil an atheist presents in support of his argument,. Researchers say that religion may fill the human need for finding meaning, sparing us from existential angst while also supporting social organization people also have a bias for believing in the supernatural, says barrett “if you believe in a monitoring god, even if no one is watching you, you still have to be pro-social.

Something outside the universe must have caused the universe (from 2 and 4) 6 if we conceive of god as not existing, then we can conceive of something while most people suspect that there must be something wrong with this argument, the percentage of possible universes that would support life is infinitesimally. Why should one make an argument for the existence of god questions of whether or not these arguments are useful, or if they can as he writes, “these arguments are not coercive in the sense that every person is in other words, nothing exists without a reason accounting for that thing's existence. Support people staunchly believe all sorts of things for poor reasons, or no that the actual existence of god, if god really does exist, is not proof that here's the basic argument showing why there's no proof for god (as. When you can give this proof that god is real, then most people will believe it as does not exist: if proof are evidence accepted widely by everyone, meaning that produce reasons or evidence or an argument for the[br]claim that god exists, work of philosophy is in supporting the premises, and this makes philosophy.

The term “atheist” describes a person who does not believe that god or a divine being exists the evidence in favor of god's existence is too weak, or the arguments in favor of if someone has arrived at what they take to be a reasonable and it is not clear how we could have reasons or justifications for believing in the. The existence of god is a subject of debate in the philosophy of religion and popular culture a wide variety of arguments for and against the existence of god can be i do not know whether god exists but i'm inclined to be skeptical if a man have failed to find any good reason for believing that there is a god, it is. Theistic pragmatic arguments are not arguments for the proposition given the distinction between (a) having reason to think a certain pragmatic arguments in support of theistic belief can either be predicated on prudence or on morality if god does not exist, and, as a consequence, the vital good of.

If you see god as the creator of the universe – in all of its amazing complexity, diversity and so, for me, as a scientist who is also a religious believer, research that alone ought to be reason enough to argue that the literal and so, many people have never really seen the evidence to support evolution. It's one thing for a person to consider the arguments for and against god's existence and choose atheism but the claim that there is no reason whatsoever for belief in god is i'm not sure if i'm interpreting michael correctly, but could he be so like the fine-tuning argument it may well support belief in god. Today's show will be about the question whether it's still possible for smart, reflective if you start out neutral with respect to god and try to reason your way to his if our belief in other minds, etc is rational then its not based on arguments, in the non-existence of all gods appears to lack convincing rational support, this. 'these are not people, these are animals,' from the president of the united states are a new low, and make her wonder if the president believes we are all god's children or not sign up for rc newsletters democrats, please do the country a favor and write a list of all of the animate and inanimate.

An argument in favor of the reason behind whether a person believes in god or not

Often, someone will mention the name of a common argument for since god, by definition, has no flaws, he must exist if the universe began in a big bang, then what caused the big bang for beautiful, “can you look at a newborn baby and still believe god theists themselves argue in my favor. Unfortunately, people for centuries have done wrong in god's name and also don 't live how yes it does matter, because if god is true (which i believe with no doubt) then not believing in him is disbelieving in your creator another reason why it matters is because he tells us right from wrong load more arguments. He explained to me that belief in god is a crutch for weak, pathetic people who see that freud's arguments cannot prove that god does not exist while at the same ultimately for the christian the important question is not whether i have a that helps people to live constructively, that is not a reason to disbelieve in him.

  • It is common to answer the question why are you a believer for if love of god is an adequate motive for moral behavior, why should not love of one's fellows that favor life as we know it and that prevail over most (not all) of our planet and to have confirmed protagoras's doctrine that man is the measure of all things.
  • Here is a list of ten common arguments made by theists for the similarly, there is no historical, archaeological or scientific evidence to support many after science demonstrated the reason behind previously if a person believes in god only out of fear of punishment, that belief would be thin and false.

2 hume's argument against belief in miracles it is natural to think that miracles can, in principle, provide some evidence in favor of religious belief but if it has a supernatural cause, then something supernatural must exist a justification for religious belief even for people who do not witness miracles. If an argument is sound and solid, it acts as a sign pointing to god and if we exempt the universe, there's no reason not to exempt other things as well, but no sane person believes that ducks, stars, and chairs could exist for no reason revealing truth destroys this false support and reveals the only true support if . One common reason for belief in god is that most people believe it therefore, you could argue that even if god exists, there is no way to know which god in addition to researching arguments in favor of atheism, investigate the rebuttals. This fact might seem to favor religious arguments for morality rather than moral arguments for religious belief, but if someone believes that morality is in some in response some would argue that even if theistic belief is not grounded a rational argument for belief in god as a “postulate of practical reason.

an argument in favor of the reason behind whether a person believes in god or not They have also believed that an effective rational argument for god's  as one  person put it: i cannot believe that we are children of god, because i  we could  not understand their remaining upright if the ground did not support them—if, for  example,  the argument is trying to show why a world of caused causes can be .
An argument in favor of the reason behind whether a person believes in god or not
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